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It's with great pleasure that we announce a new tradition in marketing for The Pound Cake Company with the launch of our 2014 Fall Flavor Fantasy Poundcake'n Tour.  As the role of marketing promotion goes, we've seen and done it all.  From TV, Radio, Print Ad, Billboard and even Direct Mail we have always experienced positive feedback from our advertising efforts.  But nothing quite compares to the PoundCakeCo Event Marketing Crew and their product promo tours.  We send them out to various events such as Trade Shows, Festivals and State Fairs where they showcase our savory selection of gourmet flavored pound cake.  Some say "word of mouth" is the best advertising.  We'll imagine what happens when you fill all of those mouths with the world's best pound cake!  We call it, "POUNDCAKE'N" and it's the perfect place to try some of the flavors that you've always wondered about.  Join us and discover your favorite flavor.  For tour dates and locations, click on the "Poundcake'n" at the top of our website.

Written by Milton Stephens — September 10, 2014

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SWEET ADDICTION: Indulge as the subtle texture of our decadent pound cake melts in your mouth and the mild flavors permeate the palate with a taste that lingers long after you've finished. This is where sweet addiction begins...

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