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Mother's Day is a day to celebrate mother's and grandmother's, especially yours!  But what do mothers really want for Mother's Day?  Many moms have said that the gifts they receive on Mother's Day seem unconnected to their relationship with their children.  What really makes them feel loved and celebrated are those spontaneous moments of affection complemented by a thoughtful gift.  Many other moms said that what they would enjoy most on Mother's Day is a "day off".  Everyone always needs something.  There's usually way too much to do for mom to truly take a break and when they do  try to take some time for themselves, they usually feel guilty. So, one of the best presents this Mother's Day may be to give mom the gift of gourmet.  When the opportunity for a break comes along she can savor the moment with a slice of homemade pound cake.  
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Written by Milton Stephens — May 27, 2015

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