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January 1, 2013 - Atlanta GA

Welcome to the official Pound Cake Company Blog.  "The genius of the English language is that it updates itself every day with approx. 20,000 new words added each year" - Geoff Pullum. We'll Geoff, here's our submission:  

Poundcake'n: [pound-cake-in] verb. - the celebration of (or) act of craving, tasting or making traditional Southern pound cake.  The day to day operations of The Pound Cake Company.

It's been a sweet road thus far and there so much more to come for our burgeoning brand.  For the last ten years we have accomplished so many milestones, we regret not having started our blog sooner.  So many of our clients, friends and family have shown loyalty and support towards the evolution of The Pound Cake Company.  We appreciate you all and strive to continue to exceed your expectations.  Visit our blog as we record every accomplishment and obstacle along the way.  It's an honor to hear from you as well so feel free to check in with a comment.  The best is yet to come and as always, whatever the occasion - we can make it sweeter...

Written by Milton Stephens — April 01, 2013

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SWEET ADDICTION: Indulge as the subtle texture of our decadent pound cake melts in your mouth and the mild flavors permeate the palate with a taste that lingers long after you've finished. This is where sweet addiction begins...

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